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Award-winning artist and author, blogger, editor, interior designer, and Columbus, Ohio USA resident Linda Lee Greenes writing style is influenced by her artistic background. Each well-chosen word is a masterful brushstroke in her rich and expressive novels, to quote one reviewer. Main features of her work are deep character development, characters that literally jump off the page, according to a reviewer, and layered plots set against backdrops that are lyrically rendered blends of fact and fiction drawn from her extensive research into history, geography, psychology, and other topics relevant to her stories. She writes in several genres including to date: mystery, memoir, historical fiction, romantic suspense, and a book for young readers. She sometimes incorporates paranormal aspects into her work. It is always illustrative of growth in the consciousness of her characters centered on a question or problem while at the same time stirring emotions, and arousing awareness and empathy in her readers. All of her books are sold worldwide in eBook and paperback.

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