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Against all odds, an ailing but determined young farm boy builds a chicken empire ruled by a champion rooster named Tarzan. Freda Fowl, Grandmother Hen, Roger Horse, and many other lovable and unforgettable pets among the unique menagerie in ROOSTER TALE tell the story of a day that Tarzan and his rooster sons get their tail feathers in an uproar and a terrible ruckus breaks out in the chicken yard. When some of his baby chicks get hurt in the commotion, the boy gets mad at the roosters, and because he doesn’t take time out to cool down, he makes a big mistake that results in an unhappy circumstance for his chicken empire. Based on actual events, the novella is adapted from an excerpt of Greene’s earlier book of creative nonfiction titled GUARDIANS AND OTHER ANGELS. The delightful illustrations in ROOSTER TALE are by award-winning artist Edith D. Wadkins.


…With the breaking of winter and the approach of spring, Bussy began to feel better and he was able to leave his sickbed. During the many weeks of his confinement to the farmhouse, he had looked out of the window longingly at his chickens scratching gaily in the yard, and yearned for the time when he would return to his duties as their caretaker. The following day would be his thirteenth birthday and he had listened quietly and gratefully, to the hustle and bustle of his mother and sisters as they prepared for the party they planned for him. Knocking on the door of Bussy’s room the afternoon before his birthday, and waking him from his nap, Bette said, “That big white pullet’s got her eggs ready for hatching, Bus. I brought them to you so you can watch them breaking out of the shells.” She placed a shallow wooden box on the table next to the bed. Its bottom and sides were carefully lined with paper and straw, and within the box six slimy and yellow baby chicks peeped worriedly as they pecked cracks in the shells and pushed their heads and bodies through the fragments. “Thank you for looking after them for me, Bette. You’ve always been real good to me, Little Sister,” Bussy said gratefully. Her face blooming crimson with pride and pleasure, Bette sat on the side of the bed, and together the brother and sister watched the baby chickens as they struggled toward the light of day. Now and then, the two of them took turns gently reaching into the box with their fingers and touched the soft and tiny hatchlings…

*****5 Stars for ROOSTER TALE…”Rooster Tale was a delight to read. A quick read full of moral content AND Humor. Wonderfully illustrated too!

*****5 Stars for ROOSTER TALE…I really enjoyed "RoosterTale". It demonstrates the bond between a large family during the depression and the bond between our pets and farm animals. I can't wait to read it to my grandchildren. I am sure it will be among the pile of our favorite bedtime stories.

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